River Oaks Tennis Tournament Fashion Show


When JoLynn Falgout signed on to chair the River Oaks tennis tournament luncheon, she decided that on the 80th anniversary of the tournament and the 30th anniversary of the popular, always sold out, two-day event, she wanted something extra. Thus, the jungle "animals" that alluringly gyrated a la Lion King characters down the catwalk which was built over the country club swimming pool. The dancers and Phat Strad, an all-girl rock electric string quartet, were flown in from Las Vegas for the back-to-back luncheons. Thanking JoLynn and Gregg Falgout for the talent-filled twist on the traditional fashion show was Tootsies impresario Mickey Rosmarin, whose venerable emporium has provided runway looks for all three decades. Read more here!


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